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20 WTF Tattoos you can't unsee.. #6 errr
WTF Tattoos on Twitter: "This tattoo almost ruined vaginas for me forever: http://t.co/SkOMjNPR"
20 WTF Tattoos you can't unsee.
WTF Tattoos
Big-a** Super Mario 3 neck tattoo guy gets special props for his big-a** Super Mario 3 neck tattoo. the raccoon suit was definitely the best.
Not to say that there aren't great neck tattoos out there, but let's face it: this one is just a novelty. The novelty will fade fast, but the ink won' t.
I can't tell if this takes attention away from or draws attention to his epic gut. Who's up for some Type 2 Diabetes? In all seriousness though . . . wait, ...
20 WTF Tattoos you can't unsee.. #6 errr
1 - Don't allow a 10 year old with a marker to draw the
The Daily WTF People Are Still Getting LOST Tattoos locke tattoo jpg
Funny Video 2017 Compilation |WTF Tattoos - Version 11 - Wild and Crazy Tattoos - World's Ugliest T
wtf tattoos cupcakes funny - 7722109696
WTF Tattoos on Twitter: "sweet Hulk Hogan ass tattoo, brother: http://t .co/a4SrsOmG"
20 WTF Tattoos you can't unsee.. #6 errr
Their logo is so cheesy, it looks like it was meant to be placed on a T-Shirt at Hot Topic. WTF were you thinking?
wtf tattoos toothbrush - 8002520576
no idea sribbles wtf - 5066416640
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Scooby don't
A giraffe with a mustache? Awesome. A giraffe with a mustache bare-backing a fucking elephant? I don't know why this isn't on T-shirts around the world.
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I don't know about butterflies, but this tattoo kind of gives us the willies. We're pretty sure this is one of those phrases that comes from a cheesy ...
That doesn't even make sense!
Scotty T Is WTF Over Sugarbabe's Mutya Buena's Insane Inking | Just Tattoo Of Us S3 EP 7
WTF Tattoo Fails (1)
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If you're, say....eight years old, you're going to think that just about anything would make a cool tattoo. Doesn't matter what it is, as long as it isn't a ...
banner chest piece wtf - 6099220224
Maybe this will do better here, tattoos didn't much like it. Seriously who let's their friend tattoo them in a dorm room?
Some people just don't care when it come to tattoos :-/
16. Pizza is sacred
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WTF Tattoos on Twitter: "@50Cent this tattoo artist messed up your face bad on this guy's back tattoo of you #SK http://t.co/llLjSVZM"
WTF Were You Thinking When You Got The First One?: Amazing Cover Up Dino Tattoo - Geekologie
wtf tattoos Photo Courtesy: CollegeHumor
I think someone got their celebratory tattoo a little too soon. The Kansas City Royal won the 2015 World Series after defeating the New York Mets in game 5.
Here, we've put together some of the most embarrassing, funny and WTF tattoos you'll be glad you don't have.
... even brown M&Ms would hang out with root vegetables, let alone idolize them. All of which distracts us from what should be the main question here: WTF?!
To be fair, birds usually can't spell …
Artistic License isn't necessarily revocable, but a christmas turd IS a bit of a stretch.
The One Direction star has a new gun etched on his hip.
WTF Tattoo Fails (14)
Tattoo of the do you see white and gold of black and blue dress illusion
Kanye West – "Runaway" Ft. Pusha T (Official Artwork)
This is a definite, WTF!! were you thinking?? Can you just imagine her when she is actually pregnant? Man is that gonna look stupid or more stupid.
As it happens, I only have one (very tasteful) tattoo that I got at the reasonable age of 25. It isn't particularly shocking or interesting, ...
1 - 33 WTF Were They Thinking Tattoo Fails!
Her husband, Kyle, got a tattoo gun. Initially I didn't even notice all the ball sacks.
Don't be like these 10 Most Regrettable Tattoos:
Pretty soon his face tattoo won't be relevant anymore and people will wonder why he has Monster tattooed across his forehead .
... 20 WTF Tattoos So Strange They Shouldn't Exist ...
wtf eskimos chickens Ugliest Tattoos - 7312690944
Can't tell if they're wings or feather shoes
1. Best Tattoo
Ben Affleck
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The Daily WTF This Guy Has 15 Unironic Miley Cyrus Tattoos carl1 jpg
Don't be so ignorant to think you have liberty! Or don't be so ignorant to think you… don't! Don't deceive people! Don't allow yourself to be deceived!
Fail tattoo wtf
wild horses couldn't drag me away...from romaine lettuce? WTF is that?
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... I'm sure some of these tattoos are going to make you say WTF, and that's OK. Even metal heads and punks need to laugh sometimes, so let the humor begin!
25-year-old rapper's incriminating tattoo of his 17-year-old GF …
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I don't understand the fascination of tattoos depicting the muscle underneath the skin. Some artists are really good at the art of the muscle, some aren't.
So. This happened.
wtf tattoo
Loyality is nearly as important as respect...isn't it?
wtf tattoo
My first tattoo. It's my mother's own handwriting, 보고싶다. I miss you in Korean. It's a lyric from her favorite song, Spring Day, as well as the ...
People Of Walmart Wtf Tattoos
Don't look now, but Ariel has eaten all the fish.
Funny Tattoos
... I'm sure some of these tattoos are going to make you say WTF, and that's OK. Even metal heads and punks need to laugh sometimes, so let the humor begin!
I haven't a clue what that is but it sure looks like it hurts!
And on my other forearm is a wolf I did but don't like. I want to get it touched up with a few ...
Did a blind, dyslexic man on a galloping horse do this tattoo?
התמונה ...
These 29 tattoos are truly “WTF”-tattoos and each one of them are way worse than anything I have ever seen Some of these are also very offensive so proceed ...
An example of a stick and poke tattoo. (Via @ruffenough)
Here Are 26 People Who Clearly Didn't Realize That Tattoos Were PERMANENT. #18... Seriously?!
Here, we've put together some of the most embarrassing, funny and WTF tattoos you'll be glad you don't have.
I hope you're married, because you're never getting past 2nd base again
WTF Tattoo Fails (4)
Never don't get anymore tattoos
This ''pun'' tattoo isn't even a little bit funny and the tattoo itself is pretty bad. What a mess.