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This Former Mechanics Workshop Is Now A Friendly Cafe brew
This Former Mechanics Workshop Is Now A Friendly Cafe
botafogo neighborhood guide rio de janeiro brazil cafe coffee the slow bakery colab fica sprudge
Warm, distressed wood surrounds this rustic coffee shop. Modern pendant lightings and dainty chandelier
Great British cycling cafes: where to refuel on your ride
This contemporary coffee shop is the ultimate chic space for a study date or interview.
london's best cafes and coffee shops, catalyst
Location Location
This no-frills cafe on the border of Lawrenceville and Bloomfield has become a must-see spot for coffee and tea-lovers alike.
Denver Bicycle Cafe
Chic vibes surround this coffee shop with eclectic industrial style pendant lightings, cold floors,
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10 of the best UK Cycling Cafés
The Workshop
The coffee shop on the left is embellished with black-coated walls and built-
Café 8 Oz
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Get cosy with a cuppa surrounded by rustic décor and friendly baristas while tucking into hot smoked trout and zucchini fritters with a side of homemade ...
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botafogo neighborhood guide rio de janeiro brazil cafe coffee the slow bakery colab fica sprudge
botafogo neighborhood guide rio de janeiro brazil cafe coffee the slow bakery colab fica sprudge
Workshop is also amazing as is OR coffee roasters. Our most recent favourite find is MOK which is at the farwestern end of Rue Antoine Dansaert but well ...
Musette Caffe
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Best cafes and coffee shops in London, Bread and Bean
Old Street. Cafe/Workshop
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The former mechanic workshop has been transformed into the high ceiling restaurant.
16 Kid-Friendly Restaurants With Room to Play in Houston
The Dales Bike Centre cafe decked out in Le Tour colours
New space secured, production continued on the 7-BBL system while they built out a 20-BBL system in their new production facility.
The Blue Danube in Old North Columbus has been open since 1940. Photo: Kinsworthy.1/Wikimedia Commons
london's best coffee shops and cafes
Barcelona Coffee-Satans_1
This box-like coffee shop's bold exterior design might appear intimidating at a first glance
Cafe de Sao Bento
The Slow Bakery
bike beans cycling cafe
In this Californian coffee shop are light wood panels, gilded pendant lights, and good
Café do Paço - Sala de Refeições
A favourite among Mermaid Beach locals, All-Time Coffee Co. is famed for their vegan doughnuts, toasties, smooth brews and cute-as-hell puppy visitors that ...
Bondi cafe
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best breakfasts on the gold coast
Café Colonial, Príncipe Real
Fotografia: Ana Luzia. Restaurants
Our favourite is Parlor – which we've written about already – and a year after we found that a new place opened seconds away on the same street called ...
Mazarine Coffee, the highly curated coffee shop from former techie Hamid Rafati, rotates through a variety of roasters on a regular basis, ...
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Boi Cavalo - Espaço
The Drawing Room Café
In this contemporary coffee shop, vibrant shades of hot pink and teal stand out in
Photo of Spoke Bicycle Cafe - Los Angeles, CA, United States
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Cycle themed café/bike shop and repair workshop, opened in September 2016. Named as one of the Sustrans' top 12 cycling cafes in the UK.
Opendoor Cafe + Courtyard HK
An expansive, gorgeously laid out coffee bar with plenty of space for laptop warriors, this shop offers the best of LA: quality Four Barrel espresso, ...
Marks – Cafes To Study
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Best Bars Rome ~ R Bar at Hotel Majestic / Photo: hotelmajestic.
Roll for the Soul
The Old Compass Cafe
Best Bars Rome ~ G Bar at G Rough / Photo: g-
In this coffee shop, marbled bamboo plywood runs from tables to ceilings.
The eclectic light fixtures, wooden walls, and mid-century modern furnishings complement the
botafogo neighborhood guide rio de janeiro brazil cafe coffee the slow bakery colab fica sprudge
Leura Garage
Hoche Café/Facebook
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Saigon Cafe
Cafe Sausalito
Anonymous Cafe
The Old Parakao Store Cafe/Bar added an event.
Highlands Cafe
Barcelona Coffee-Nomad_1
The Coffee Plus
Best Bars Rome ~ Chorus Cafe / Photo: choruscafe.it
A sandy-footed walk from the beach, this dreamy little joint has nailed the holiday-vibe décor and is a top pick among the best cafes on the Gold Coast.
It has gorgeous sweet treats, great lunch options and the coffee menu is expansive – which is something you don't find often in Brussels.
We've updated the shop section of our site to include all of the cool
Moffat Beach Brewing Co.
The first coffee houses to open in London were brewing grounds for novel ideas in the fields of science and culture. People from all walks of life gathered ...
Garden House Cafe
Kennington: 146-148 Newington Butts, London SE11 4RN. Battersea: 179 Battersea High St, London SW11 3JS. Cycle PS are a trio of South London cycle cafes, ...
With added grunge factor courtesy of its past life as a workshop, Daymaker Espresso has taken an innovative approach to their menu, starting with a ...
The coal office; Granary Square Brasserie
Ströck Feierabend – Cafes To Study
Espresso A Mano