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Lee Hongki as Jeremy You39re Beautiful 2nd Lead Syndrome
Lee Hongki as Jeremy ♥ You're Beautiful
Lee Hongki as Jeremy ♥ You're Beautiful
Lee hong ki as Jeremy :)
Lee Hongki as Jeremy ♥ You're Beautiful
Lee Hong Ki ~ <3 He was adorable as jeremy from You're Beautiful but look at that brown hair!
Jeremy, K-drama - You're beautiful - best character in a drama ever!!!
Lee Hongki
Lee Hongki as Jeremy ♥ You're Beautiful
Yong Hwa (Shin Woo) & Hong Ki (Jeremy) <3 I adored these two in You're Beautiful.
Lee Hong Ki (actor singer) Dramas: You're Beautiful, Bride of the Century
lee hong ki Korean Drama, You're Beautiful, Kdrama, Ft Island,
Lee Hong Ki as Jeremy in You're Beautiful Jamie named her cat after this gorgeous and emotive character.
Just gorgeous. Lee Hong-gi is a South Korean idol singer and actor. He is the lead vocalist of the Korean pop/rock band F.
Lee Hongki As Jeremy From You're Beautiful, I think Jeremy is my ideal type XD
#Hongki Jeremy in "You're Beautiful"
Lee Hong Ki 이홍기 Birthday: March 1990 Zodiac: Pisces Singer/Actor Seen In: Lead singer of the band FT Island. Actor since childhood, acted in "You're ...
Lee Hong Ki in You're Beautiful
Lee Hongki- plays third male lead Jeremy in Your Beautiful . Also starring JGS and
lee hong ki (You're Beautiful, My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed
Lee Hongki as Jeremy in You Are Beautiful. He should have played Tamaki in Ouran High School. Oh wait that might have been J-Drama!
You're Beautiful ♥ Jung Yong-hwa as Kang Shin Woo ♥ Lee Hongki as Jeremy
Lee Hongki as Jeremy ♥ You're Beautiful Korean Star, Korean Men, Korean
Yonghwa made his drama debut with a bang in You're Beautiful. His portrayal of the sweet and supportive Shin Woo gave so many viewers second lead syndrome ...
Jang Geun Suk / Lee Hong Ki
Oh how I loved Shin Woo (Yong Hwa) and Jeremy (Lee Hongki) in You Are Beautiful!
Lee Hongki - this is just too cute :'3 <3 You'
Exo Next door- In this drama the main lead is played by Park Chanyeol from (my bias group) EXO and the other boy played by Do Kyungsoo (my bias) who is ...
Lee Hongki as Jeremy in You're Beautiful Korean Drama, Drama Korea, Park
You're Beautiful - Watch Korean TV - Viki
Lee Hong Ki~♥ He was adorable as blonde-haired Jeremy in "You
This episode of what has apparently turned out to be a series — What Ever Happened With… was suggested by reader Rebecca who had the place of mind to ...
Lee Hong Ki is great as Jeremy in You are Beautiful.
Each treasure is so distinctive that gives it uniqueness but so analogous that maintains brand consistency across the island: Lee Hong Ki.
Jeremy!💙💕 - antonia Canseco - Google+
Lee Hong ki #FTISLAND
Lee Hongki as ANJELL's Jeremy in K-drama You're Beautiful (: You
2ND LEAD SYNDROME - Wanting so desperately for the lead actress of a drama to end up with the better guy, but you always know that she is going to end up ...
You're Beautiful ♥ A.N.Jell ♥ Lee Hongki as Jeremy Kyung Park, Park
Second lead syndrome strikes when you least expect it. The feeling of rooting for the second male lead hurts because even though you want to see the second ...
14. Full House Take 2
K-Drama Time Machine: When Adorable A.N.JELLS Jang Geun Suk, Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Hong Ki & Park Shin Hye Debuted In "You're Beautiful"
Like Lee Joon Ki, it may seem like Jang Geun Suk has been the romantic lead since the beginning of time, but that's not the case.
Lee Hongki as Jeremy ♥ You're Beautiful
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by javabeans
For the first half, I actually really like Lee Yul better and thought he was the better catch. As the show went on I changed my mind.
As the nicer of two princes in Goong, Kim Jeong Hoon had some fans wondering why Chae Kyung didn't just run off with Yul and leave Broody McGrumpypants Shin ...
You're Beautiful Review
Yoo Ah In was unforgettable as the gruff-yet-lovable Geol Oh in Sungkyungkwan Scandal, and he followed up the series with emotionally demanding lead roles ...
If you've ever suffered K-drama second lead syndrome, you know how strong it can be. There you are, pining for the guy who the girl will never love, ...
It was also, incidentally, where I first encountered the term "Second Lead Syndrome.
Kdramadreamer Top 10 List: Favorite Male Second Leads
Asian Drama
Lee Hong Gi - Jeremy ( You're Beautiful)
He's pretty horrible at first, more what you would expect from the male lead. Either way, he has some very sweet moments. I like how he would watch her ...
You're Beautiful - promotional picture.jpg
Here's a message from Lee Hongki for the fans of You're Beautiful:
and there's jeremy :')the third lead
Lee Min-Ho as Kim Jun-Pyo
After he single-handedly set off some of the most intense shipping wars in K-drama history with his role in Answer Me 1994, many fans were hoping " ...
I'd love to hear your list of favorite male second leads. Please feel free to share.
I hope you could enjoy!!
Eden Nine Entertainment, which represents actors Won Bin and Lee Na Young, has denied rumors that the couple is expecting a child and planning a fall ...
Park Shin Hye
Park Hyung Sik
Lee Hong Gi - Jeremy ( You're Beautiful)
Image via Namoo Actors
To the beautiful you
Dammmmnnnn i LOVED this drama and i did have extremely severe second lead syndrome. Yoo Seungho have always been my heartbreaker but in this drama he was on ...
... for once I did care who the female lead ended up with and was upset that she didn't end up with him. I just wish Tae-Kwang would've had a happy ending.
HeadsNo2: You know that love triangle that still gives you goosebumps, where just thinking of it makes you want to rewatch an entire show all over again?
Hearing Lee Hong-ki's voice in the opening credits brought back all sorts of good memories, and when I heard the opening chords of “Promise” in Episode 1, ...
HeadsNo2: There's something tragic and swoony about the second lead who is the heroine's constant but silent protector, operating behind the scenes while ...
6. School 2015
But I'm glad Lee Hyun-woo was the first kdrama actor to give me SLS because he's so adorable!
I love how caring and beautiful he is. I want someone who looks at me like Tae-woon looks at dirt.. XD
javabeans: Answer Me 1994 inflicted some serious raw wounds in my heart over its second lead arc, pains I've been keeping deep in repression ever since the ...
Jeremy's legend features him as the grandson of a Scottish aristocrat, and he was once engaged to a princess. He gave it all up to pursue music in Korea, ...
With drop dead hot Lee Soo Hyuk playing second lead who did not fall in desperate love? We all love Seo In Guk but who could resist LSH's smoking body???
#1 You're Beautiful (2009)• Actors •
Lee Min Ki?
Drama: To The Beautiful You
by javabeans
Cause at one point or another, in our lives, we all find ourselves being rejected on a public bus while simultaneously singing/sobbing on a phone call to a ...
I had more interest when the 2nd male and female characters were on screen. They were more exciting to watch and I got to see Jaejoong!