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I think most girls would have the same reaction as Petra Levi
I think most girls would have the same reaction as Petra?? Levi Ackerman and Petra Ral from Attack On Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin
AOT: So Wonderful by Chiaticle.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt
I think most girls would have the same reaction as Petra?? Levi Ackerman and Petra Ral from Attack On Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin
If Levi did this to me this how I'd react.
Levi x Petra Mais
Here, it sounds as if she knows him personally and can figure out his true self. For someone to be saying something like this, they have to know the other ...
i know this is supposed to be petra and levi but... petra kind of looks like me... if i had he money for all this stuff... : '(
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Petra Ral
AOT reacts to ships
Rivaille (Levi) x Petra Ral
Petra would marry Levi if she didn't die.. So why aren't any of these manga reading Fangirls shipping it? For me it seemed logical that they would be ...
Levi x Reader x Erwin by rivokko on DeviantArt
tumblr_nfjvfxNo9Q1r4v428o6_500.jpg Levi Ackerman, Armin, Levi And Petra, Shingeki No Kyojin,
Petra x Levi <--- Super cute! I finally have an SNK/AOT ship, but its so sad
Squad Levi Reacts To Ships - Genderbend: Female Levi x Male Petra - Wattpad
Petra's father shows Levi Petra's letter
The reason is. All his friends died! Petra would've been Levi's girlfriend but she, same as Isabel died! Come on! You gotta feel bad for levi!
She used to be mine (Levi X Petra)
Shingeki no Kyojin┋Атака Титанов┋Attack on Titan
A Collection of Levi x Petra Short Stories - An Attack On Titan Fanfiction
A Reason to Live(Rivetra/ Levi x Petra) {SNK fan fic}
Attack on titan reacts to AOT ships!
[ IMG]
PETRA DIED. Before this scene there was Levi looking below his dead comrades and Im betting all of my money that he's screaming inside then he stopped when ...
Levi x Petra. Shinkegi no Kyojin (Attack on Titan ship)
Levi Petra. NOOOO they were supposed to get married!!!! Why did
Please Move On - Levi x Reader Modern!AU [4] by demoticdreams on DeviantArt
Attack on Titan Petra's Father Scene T-T (HD)
Levi sees Petra's dead body
Hanji reacts to ships! (Under Editing aka on hold)
Petra looks up a lot to her superiors. During the 57th expedition, Eren was incredibly uneasy because the plan had not been revealed to him.
Levi X Jealous!Reader- Happy Ending {COM.} by ShadowRealm666 on DeviantArt
Despite accepting her into the Special Ops Squad, Levi gave Petra relatively safer tasks than he did the others. During the Battle for Trost he had her tend ...
Survey Corps reacts: Attack on Titan ships!!
Exotic Love (Levi x Bellydancer!Reader x Petra) AU by MissBrutus on DeviantArt
Levi x Child!Eren x Reader- School Reunion by Miss-Fluff-Queen on DeviantArt
Levi & Petra (by meropan) | Shingeki no Kyojin #anime Attack On Titan
But it doesn't end there my friends, oh no this gets worse with every passing minute. Thanks t some shitty extra who tries to get his friend's dead body ...
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Attack on Titan Short Romance Stories
... I assumed she's the one who made it) Petra walked towards Levi and we dont know what the two talked about. (Hmm ….and the others were letting them have ...
Petra scolds Oluo about trying to be like Levi
Silly misunderstandings. (Modern! Levi x Reader) by Conselyea on DeviantArt
Levi x Petra MMD 5: Levi's daydream (the saddest video yet)
Levi, Erwin, Hanji and Rico react to ships
Attack on titan ships. Fanfiction. I need ...
It's no coincidence that Petra's first appearance coincides with Levi's. When Levi comes to comfort a dying soldier, Petra is by his side.
Petra & hanji react to ships
Levi X Petra Doujinshi Part 3
I guess it'll be easy to convince you that Petra really looked up to Levi since there are a few times in the anime where she praised him and looked in awe.
He is a tragic figure that has suffered one catastrophic event after another. When he is only a small child, his mother, a prostitute, ...
Levi x Teen!Reader x Petra) (AU) by MissBrutus on DeviantArt
Kim Petras in Atlanta by Me
Or, although unlikely, outcome could have been worse if Eren intervened immediately. We dunno. Unlikely, but we dunno.
He is extremely strong because he has overcome many hardships and because he was trained by a skilled fighter and because fighting is what he has done all ...
"I don't think I'm going
PETRA DIED. Before this scene there was Levi looking below his dead comrades and Im betting all of my money that he's screaming inside then he stopped when ...
Lol. I guess Petra ...
Petra's name is the feminine form of “Peter,” which means rock. Something tells me that Isayama didn't pick that name on a whim.
I think most people here say Levi for this but I going to try and be slightly different and say Eren. He's not as cool as Levi, but his reaction to losing ...
Sometimes, even the more minor characters meet the most unfortunate ends.
SNK Chibi Shorts Levi gets tired and feel proud of Eren
Also, he doesn't go by the rules and has his own unique style (he has an unconventional way of holding his sword and slaying Titans).
Levi One Shots [Heavy Editing]
Way to go Petra
Levi x Isabel fan fiction
New Identity {Rivetra;LevixPetra}
These are the main reasons I love Levi Ackerman. There are many more reasons but I don't want make this essay any longer.
[Shingeki no Kyojin] Levi x Petra- A Dangerous Mind
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Levi x Petra lemon
Attack on Titan (Levi x Reader)
After getting rid of the titans, we get to see some characterization of Levi when he goes to the dying soldier. He grabs his hand and tells him that his ...
Hanji's Potion - Levi x HalfKitty!Reader [Short] by rivokko on DeviantArt
God Levi official art (game)
Thoughts on Levi/Rivaille - Chapter 1 - orphan_account - Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan [Archive of Our Own]
Levi x Reader) drabble by MurfPie156 on DeviantArt
Petra Ral
Whether or not Petra and Levi were ever romantically interested in each other is up for debate. Being a shounen, romance in SnK typically takes a backseat.
the scene where Eren failed to become a titan and Levi ordered him to do something about it and THEN he turned around with a cup of coffee (Petra being the ...
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Just gonna leave this here: ...
Levi X Petra