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He has the most beautiful face I39ve ever seen EXO t EXO
He is the most flawless person I've ever seen in life bruh I don't know is it me
See more. I HAD to pin this. I mean, look at Suho, Lay and D.O · Exo ...
EXO Suho
EXO Kai Rihanna Fenty Beauty
baekhyun and devon with eye makeup
LUCKY ONE/MONSTER Kim Minseok Exo, Exo Xiumin, Exo K, Exo Ot12
Ex-EXO member Tao shares heartwrenching letter about struggling as a celebrity | SBS PopAsia
Find this Pin and more on Exo by Chels //.
EXO's Sehun announces he will no longer accept gifts from EXO-L
See more. Is it just me or does luhan look a little different. In a good way. Luhan 2017Exo ...
Chen is the one main vocalist of EXO, despite his ability to sing, he is one of the most underrated members of EXO. Chen is one of the nicest members of EXO ...
Sehun: I think he really doesn't mind who he dates as long as he likes them. He has displayed a very strong "Who cares" attitude when it comes to his ships.
Find this Pin and more on Exo by Chels //.
... like Suho she always thanks her fans and the SM staff when they win on award shows; she is extremely beautiful and caring and I couldn't chose a better ...
I Did My Makeup Like KPop Star Baekhyun of EXO For a Week
See more. I love you, but it looks like someone took your handsome face and attached it · Funny MemesExo ...
Find this Pin and more on Exo by Chels //.
I've been thinking a lot of him since months and I just wanted to show how much this person means to me. This Person is Byun Baekhyun.
this is honestly the most beautiful thing i've seen♥♥. Repinned. EXO ...
EXO's Baekhyun apologises for the pain he caused fans dating Girls' Generation's Taeyeon | SBS PopAsia
Real name : Kim Min Seok
Xiumin with black hair! I'm finally finding more pics of idols with black hair. < < < I've already saved this but eh, I'm saving it again
[ENG] EXO-CBX - It's Running Time [Full Version]
It's honestly the most obvious blind item I've ever seen. They said the 'unnamed' male celebrity is young, recently returned to China, last name begins with ...
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Top 10 Most Handsome K-Pop Male Idols
[ IMG] I've never met/talked ...
One thing to note here: this face for J-Hope (I don't know his real name so we can use his stage name) is not a ...
Even my family has it but not like this.
I can't decide- Taeyong has charisma, unique look while Johnny has more natural look and height but YES both of them are gods.
As we know, Exo are often praised for having amazing visuals, and Suho is no exception. This boy is just perfect. He might not have distinct features like ...
For some reason I thought we'd covered all of EXO already, but it turns out we haven't (although their numbers are ever decreasing at the moment).
Dear EXO,
Attacked: Australian model Lily May Mac was attacked on Instagram after a K-pop
Exo-mania in Dubai: who are they and why are they such a big deal?
Actress Oh YeonSeo Reveals She Is A Big Fan Of EXO
Later I was introduced to exo by the same person who introduced me to BTS (eNd mE x 2 cause I used to hate exo When He told me about them) and ...
Kai (Exo)
Recoloring EXO : You do realize that the majority of the time.
I feel like I've saved this before but y'know Jongin's eyes are really too cute and innocent
10 Reasons Why EXO's Suho Deserves the Hashtag #EarnestSuho
(Exo) Suho. this is srsly the most beautiful man, I've ever seen!! Junmyeon has such a perfect face ...
lay, exo, and kpop image
Others defended the group, claiming that all seven members were surgery-free. That seems difficult to believe, though possible. But there's no debating the ...
The first snow [Exo suho]
Luhan: He has the face of a beauty but definitely straight. His efforts to be seen as masculine and manly are definitely at a straight level.
Representing EXO-K: kai4
Zahraa Alkhalisi
Yeon-hee is the typical high school girl who fantasizes on having a sweet love relationship. However, because she tends to freeze and blush too much ...
If you've seen the 2014 Mama awards, you'll know that EXO did their performance and, yes, they did lip sync the entire thing, or almost the entire thing.
I must confess that the moment I saw *this* Kai and *this* Kai I was like OH MA LORD who is this majestic creature! but I don't think he became my 'bias'.
... and the most innocent smile I've ever seen. I know all of the exo member have heart warming smile. As chanyeol's biased his one really stands out to me.
Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva is a massive K-pop fan. Getty
Kris: From what I have seen through varieties, interviews, and personal actions, definitely not gay. Shy and introverted but not gay.
He always asks Kyungsoo to talk more and when Kyungsoo is nowhere to be seen, he always yells Kyungsoo's name very loud and Kyungsoo will come out and smile ...
... to Exo's songs. I love Kai, Lay, and Chanyeol. I think their songs are amazing. So can you listen and love both? Oh yes, there is no problem in that.
Yay, I'm still in my holiday vibe so you know why I don't open my blog recently. I've been scrolling through Youtube, Instagram a lot, like a lot, ...
EXO Member Handsome Ranking
Fans of Korean pop boy band EXO have been tormenting a model online after a member of the band followed her on Instagram.
EXO keep their 'Tempo' in a gritty, action-filled concept short film | allkpop
It's beautiful how you always love the team and care about them. We've been touched numerous times by how you constantly thank the fans.
The Alone version of Seventeen's Al1 album has one of my favorite photobooks.
He has, without a doubt, the best looking predebut photos I've ever seen in my life.
[Updated: February 10, 2015] Although Luhan isn't part of EXO anymore, people still come to this post to tell us how wrong we are about his plastic surgery.
EXO's Kai Receives A Love Call From Rihanna's Makeup Brand Fenty Beauty! | Teenage Magazine
8 Times EXO Slayed As Actors
'I want people to feel that there's this Asian hip-hop artist who's fresh '
Kim Nam-joon, aka 'Rap Monster' of Kpop group BTS accused of
Love is in the air: here are the confirmed celebrity Korean couples in 2018 | SBS PopAsia
Chanyeol is one of the rappers in EXO. He is known as the “Happy Virus” and with good reason. He is always cheerful and bright. He's doing crazy things at ...
Exo warm-toned rosy pink with silver & hot pink glitter Super Shock Shadow on
Meeting the K-Pop band who are bigger than One Direction
Introducing Privé by BBH, a Unisex Streetwear Label From EXO's Baekhyun: Exclusive - Vogue
EXO: Analysis of Krisyeol Part II: vindicatexo ?
I thought it was about how similar they look, but my memory simply played a trick on me.
EXO The 5th Album 'DON'T MESS UP MY TEMPO' (Allegro Ver
Meet the talent behind miss A and EXO's hit comeback albums and has the looks of an idol, Kei Lim
Lay Zhang.
... some of them not attractive). We're visual creatures, we have thoughts, it's okay to have and voice opinions. (EXO Sehun - EXO Suho - BTS V - BTS Jin)
Pann: EXO Baekhyun's thoughtless statement “EXO will be taking everything for the second half of the year"
There was some other stuff scheduled for this week, but it's on hold so we can talk about the EXO comeback, and more specifically: SUHO'S NOSE JOB.
“I am very interested in the Joker. I've seen the film 'Dark Knight' multiple times. I've studied the character deeply, and if I had ...
Stage Name: Kris
[ IMG]
I've grouped these three together because they all strike me as performers who get an incredible high out of performing. It's nuts how great a difference ...
Originally I put the Power MV right after the Pathcodes, but as I kept writing this out it made less and less sense to me, so I moved it to where I had ...
Because it has toxicity, it catches your ear right away. The face of the beauty who sang 'saranghaeyo' is one that we also don't know.” (Kai)