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That which God said to the flower and caused it to fully bloom in beauty, · MothLady BugsAll ...
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magicalnaturetour: “Don't GoooOO !!! by Mustafa Öztürk on 500px. Cute Frogs Animals ...
Leafcutter Bee by Colin Hutton Photography --- simply amazing! Nature is never boring. I can sit in a patch of grass for ages studying and enjoying.
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loveliegreenie <3 | Visions of Bugs or Insects Fetish | Pinterest | Beautiful butterflies, Butterfly and Beautiful
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Two if my favorite things, lady bugs and lily of the valley :)
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Hover flies, often mistaken for bees or wasps, are important pollinators. Their numbers have plummeted in nature reserves in Germany.
BEE and AMBUSH BUG – This is not exactly what it looks like (well, maybe 50%). The bee is a peaceable soul – just there for the pollen, which she will stash ...
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Japanese beetle
FINDING A NEW INSECT SPECIES By some estimates, somewhere in the neighborhood of a million known species of insects occupy the planet, but there may be at ...
Bees are just one of the many animals facing possible extinction due to pollution, habitat
Christopher Jobson
via: National Geographic
Flesh Eaters: Carnivorous Plants Lure Insects Into Their Deadly Clutches - YouTube
If they were black, we wouldn't like them. They'd be icky, small beetles. But humans are a cheap audience, and dressing up like a ...
Indian Flower Mantis
Cute Bug 1) Big Eyed Caterpillar
BUGS IN/ON THE ART WORLD Would Vincent have been pleased? Van Gogh said “If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.
2013 08 14 By The Power Of The Poop Shield 02
Yellow Jacket Wasp on flower
Holding a hawkmoth
Japan ...
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Harlequin ladybird or ladybug
And a PARTRIDGE IN A PEAR TREE – Or, even better, a Tiger swallowtail in an apple tree, a sight that greeted the BugLady one fine day in May when she ...
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#VFX #CGI #TheCGBros
Pesticides That Kill Pests--But Not Pets
Ouch! An Interview with Entomology's King of Sting
Been bitten by the love bug lately? Longing for the sweet sting of Cupid's tiny arrow? Then look no further, ladybugs and harvestmen, as we present some of ...
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Minuscule - The ladybug
Fireflies and Lightning Bugs are one and the same, but it seems they re referred to more as Lightning Bugs to us Southerners. Shown above is top (dorsal) ...
Do Insects Have Emotions? The Answer Might Make You Think Twice Before Swatting One
The 10 Most Dangerous Bugs to Watch Out for This Summer | Reader's Digest
Top Ten Insects of Yucatan
Moths are positively phototactic, meaning they automatically move toward light. See more insect pictures
Rare Myolepta cornellia spotted feeding on flowers in the Fullerton Arboretum. Used with permission by photographer Ron Hemberger.
Ambush predator
Ulysses Butterfly
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Aleiodes indiscretus wasp parasitizing a gypsy moth caterpillar(Image: Agricultural Research Service, the
FIGURE 2. Shown above is side (lateral) view of Photinus sp.
MEGALOTOMUS – A lovely discovery on tawny prairie grasses in the late afternoon light. A Lupine bug. The BugLady keeps forgetting to lean over and take a ...
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Few other insects can be confused with Lightning Bugs because other insects do not possess such light-producing structures on their abdomens.
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Pill bugs are commonly found under leaves and fallen logs where they consume rotting wood and
Shiny metal
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Western Horse Lubber Grasshopper
Close-up of a white-necked jacobin drinking nectar from a flower. This
Sunset Moth
Time-Lapse: Watch Flowers Bloom Before Your Eyes | Short Film Showcase - YouTube
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Blue Dasher
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Insect bites guide: Pictures and treatment advice for bites and stings from zoologist Dr James Logan
This curious two-faced beetle hails from Japan but you won't find it working at the deli... the Samurai Deli, that is. We don't mean to ascribe any ...
It feeds in the time-honored bug fashion – puncturing its prey with its sharp “beak,” injecting saliva that softens its prey's innards (“external ...
The fly's abdomen, the third segment that has the pale yellow stripes and looks like
Dung beetle rolling in the shade. Marcus Byrne
9. Assassin Bug
Caterpillars don't look for trouble, they just want to eat (and eat, and eat) in peace. Unfortunately, their mania for munching makes them more meal-like ...
This isn't a Stag Beetle but look at those funky antlers! Looks like Mother Nature sentenced this dude to 40 lashes, in a good way of course.
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Hummingbird moth nectaring on a blue flower.
Plants to Bugs: Buzz Off!
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Mosquito plants are easy grow choices for pots inside or outside your home. Skeeters hate
RED LADYBUG – The BugLady saw more native ladybugs this year than she normally does – surprising, considering the ubiquity of the ultra-competitive ...
Where is it?
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Head of Phyllophaga (June Bug or May Beetle) grub