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Honestly if anyone knows of HnK, I wouldn't mind roleplaying it since I really want to try out as my favorite angry (yet sad inside) gem, Phosphophyllite or ...
I think I might've put too much gold/platinum alloy.
Art belongs to me, pls do not steal
A little stubborn and cold
I made a character design sheet for Selenite :3c | Land of the Lustrous Amino
Decided to go with Phantom Blood Dio for this look here! Aquamarine Jonathan coming soon an then Part 2 and 3 gems comin soon! S/O to my friend for helpin ...
me waaaaants. (photo not ...
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Phos is the main character to the amazing anime Houseki no Kuni. The anime pretty much revolves around her adventures. Throughout the story so goes through ...
my first post on this amino but whateverz!!!! i love houseki no kuni ✨✨✨ i run a houseki no kuni OC RP Group on Discord, please DM me for details! we are ...
... but I can honestly say I like Antarcticite and her cold nature. Antarcticite isn't introduced till later on in the anime Houseki no Kuni.
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Poetry with Houseki no Kuni
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Thuyết âm mưu xung quanh Houseki no kuni by mochandiep246
Some drawings I made ^^ ( also fanart/challenge thing) | Houseki no Kuni 💎 Amino
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I also decided to give him a unique design, kinda like antarcs but mixed with the regular black uniforms and hawks design
Gem Hardness Tier. Author. sapphiresalmon20. According to the Mohs scale. Source is houseki-no-kuni.wikia.com.
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Rutile nightmare 2: Adamantium sensei n antarc
Antarcticite Fanart
I'm looking forward to share more HNK cosplay here (Yellow Dia, and my OCs)!! ...
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... a delinquent, and Peridot's partner. Can't wait for him to appear officially. (Took some references of Bluzo from the houseki no kuni official artbook)
#housekinokuni #landofthelustrous #hnk #phos #phosphophyllite #moonphos
... a delinquent, and Peridot's partner. Can't wait for him to appear officially. (Took some references of Bluzo from the houseki no kuni official artbook)
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That is an important element in every successful story and Houseki no Kuni displayed this with full force and a lot of grace in its fantastic first season!
But since in the anime, they make no strong emphasis on either gender but they all look generally feminine I've chosen to mostly use femal.
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original art (I wish can make it have good quality. teach me please how to make it have good quality or something! T^T)
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user selected cover ...
Cinnabar - Wikia http://houseki-no-kuni.wikia.com/wiki/Cinnabar
Houseki no kuni X Danganronpa chat.
They quarrelled quite intensively on the nickname “Soda”, so a compromise had to be made. They are called Solite and Dalite by others (occasionally “Soli” ...
Fifteen Minutes MEME Houseki No Kuni [ STEVEN UNIVERSE END CREDITS ]
... wigs from his borrowed body to his real body's hairstyle partway through the day!! Sat: Lapis Lazuli (Houseki no Kuni) Sun: Krul Tepes (Owari no Seraph)
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Houseki no Kuni 宝石の国 ♢ HnK (Land of the Lustrous/ Country of Jewels) ♢
Houseki no Kuni OST | Cinnabar (Original Soundtrack) [Extended]
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I did a sketch during school during history class, shhhhh XD
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Страна самоцветов Phosphophyllite/Фос
Crackship Houseki no Kuni - Chibi Adopts
My Oc Taaffeite / hardness:8.5 / figher / partner :open | 💎 Land of the Lustrous 💎 Amino
... I'm sad that a lot of them haven't been made in this amino, but hopefully more and more will show up. I'm definitely going to be drawing this guy a lot.
Fanart Houseki no Kuni from Azomo
Okay so not many people know about this program which upsets me bc it's the cutest lil thing---
First of all I always either write down or just scribble down my ideas for drawings... imagining and stuff.. You can see some of my trial and errors
picture credit: http://houseki-no-kuni.wikia.com /wiki/Moon_People?file=Moon_people_anime2.jpg
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I cannot express how much I love Houseki no Kuni!! So, I made an edit! The link to the site I found the art on is here. And, here's the edit! (S..
Phosphophyllite (Houseki no Kuni) kB.